Matthew McLaughlin
Creative Director | Director | DOP | Editor
Matthew has for a long time worn many hats at Bulldog Productions. He started Bulldog Productions over 7 years ago out of the pure love of story telling and the creative development process. Matthew has built Bulldog Productions using both his artistic talents and his social skills to seize opportunity....
Georges Sarkis
Art Director | Graphic Designer | Animator
Georges has always been interested in art and design. He studied art at the Université de Moncton in New-Brunswick and then joined the work force where his employment experiences allowed him to display his creativity and passion in art and design through window displays, jewelry designs and set decor. The...
Francis Luta
Film-Maker | DOP | Editor | Graphic Designer
Francis Luta's fine arts background sets him apart from others in our field. He has written, directed, shot, edited and graphic designed his own fiction and documentary films which have won awards and premiered in film festivals internationally. Although a lone wolf at heart Francis has a collaborative spirit and...
Trevor Silvani
Graphic Designer | Animator
Trevor has been working in the design and marketing industry for over 5 years. He's turned his childhood love of drawing into a career of animating, designing, and storytelling. He's collaborated on ads for brands such as Dunkin' Donuts, Scotiabank, Tangerine, Kobo, Hilltop Holdings, and Transwestern, to name a few....
Christopher Oxner
Graphic designer | Web Designer
Christopher is a Toronto based designer and developer with just over 17 years experience.  Christopher's design exposure ranges from architecture and interior design, to graphic and web design. Christopher attributes his multidisciplinary design abilities to his unique educational background - a mix of science, psychology, and fine arts, culminating in a...
Kyle Laurin
Professional Sound Recorder | Audio Mixer | Musician
Professional sound recorder/Audio Mixer/Musician Kyle is an audio engineer, composer and musician who has been recording and producing music professionally for 2 years. His obsession with music began over 15 years ago when he first started learning the guitar. Since then he has graduated from York University with a BFA...
Dave Tebbutt
Cinematographer | Editor | Musician
Dave Tebbutt is a film-maker, an editor and a musician. Living in Niagara on the Lake, he started his career filming weddings and it quickly branched off from there. With millions of online views, his work has also been seen on Good Morning America, The Ellen Show and The Weather...
Chris Vassálos
Chris is a portrait photographer who graduated from the School of fine Arts at Ryerson University (BFA). His style stems from his editorial experience in the fashion world. Chris's work has been published and won numerous awards for his artistic eye and skills for telling multiple narratives in a single...

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