Vasilios Filippakis


Meet Vasilios, Bulldog’s Co – Producer. Vasilios got involved with Bulldog Productions about three years ago. At the time he was looking for a production company to bring his vision to life for a TV series he created, FAK YAASS. He had seen Bulldog’s work within the LGBTQ2S community and lived right behind Matt in the same complex. Both Vasilios and Matt met in their shared dog park and got to talking, then collaborating, and now FAK YAASS is a TV show airing on OUTtv.

Vasilios has always been a performer. Growing up in Windsor Ontario, he started doing musical theatre when he was 7 years old, his first play being Oliver Twist. Being on stage set him free and let him express himself without being judged. The more over the top and free he was, the more praise he got! And who doesn’t love a little bit of praise! That freedom was something he could never let go of and is deeply rooted to why he loves acting and creating! When he’s not acting or training at F45 Yorkville, you might catch Vasilios dancing up a storm, especially if it’s Fifth Harmony! Fun facts; Vasilios went to teacher’s college in Thunder Bay and his spirit animal, a unicorn! Get to know this gem of a human and you’ll understand why that makes a lot of sense.