Matthew McLaughlin

Creative Director & Director

Meet Matt, Bulldog’s Creative Director. Matt is our fearless leader – his focus is on creating team opportunities and helping each member grow within their various roles. With 12 years of experience creating videos that leave lasting impressions, Matt is always there to act as a mentor, lend a helping hand or be an ear as a friend. ⠀⠀
He prides himself on being able to produce strong narratives through visual media using a plethora of mediums. His outlook in work and in life is dream big and no matter what  the obstacle, there is a creative solution waiting to be found. Matt’s experiences have taught him to build meaningful relationships, communicate effectively, plan for the unexpected and respect every aspect of production. Having taken on countless projects where he was solely responsible for everything, he understands how much time and energy goes into doing the job right!  His understanding of everything from acting, to
producing to editing is what makes Matt such a great Creative Director. He founded Bulldog Productions 10 years ago and has led the Bulldog team in works with: NIKE, TD, SAMSUNG Mobile, Covergirl Cosmetics, F45, IKEA,  FLARE Magazine, & Scotiabank to name a few. His biggest achievement to date is getting FAK YAASS the series picked up by Canadian broadcast company OUTtv. Matthew also directs the series and was instrumental in producing an original score and three original songs also featured in the TV show.