Leanne Noelle Smith

Co-Producer & Campaign Strategist

Meet Leanne, she’s a Co-Producer and Campaign Strategist at Bulldog Productions. Leanne also plays Torri in FAK YAASS the series, which airs on OUTtv.

Leanne has always been a performer and started dancing at the age of 5. As she developed her skill, she went on tour in the Ukraine with an ensemble and as a soloist. One night, after finishing the dance, a little boy ran on stage and gave her flowers he had picked from outside. In that moment, she realized how art and performing could affect others and their emotions. Leanne grew up in the fitness world. With a family business in the industry, she was attending trade shows and nurturing her passion from a young age. She went on to develop her business skills where she completed a bachelors of Bcomm in Marketing at University of Saskatchewan specifically tailored to advertising, and strategy. Her love of dance, health and connecting with others made fitness a natural part of her life. With all of the knowledge she’s gained, it felt only natural to share her passion with the rest of the world via her blog Phat Fitness. Since she was a kid, Leanne’s never stopped learning, fighting for bold ideas and pushing herself physically and mentally and that’s why we love this boss lady!