Jennifer Topp

Hair & Makeup Artist

Meet Jennifer, based out of Toronto, she’s our fab Hair & Makeup Artist. She met our Creative Director & Producer Matt 6 years ago while on set filming a PSA (Public Service Announcement) with Justin Trudeau. They hit it off and have kept in touch ever since. It’s a good thing too, because set wouldn’t be the same without that infectious smile of hers! She makes anyone in her chair feel at ease, and from a talents perspective Jennifer sets the tone of an awesome day on set!

With over 10 years of experience, Jennifer specializes in beauty, commercial print, prosthetics, SPFX and she holds a certificate in hairstyling! She’s one well rounded beauty guru!! Growing up Jennifer was always into art and could often be found drawing and crafting. Now she’s uses makeup and hair as a medium to express her creativity! Jennifer is also our biggest Alien and X-Files nerd. She got married in AREA 51, yes there are pictures, and yes alien masks may have been involved. If you like talking UFO’S and ginger cats you’ll never want to leave Jennifer’s chair.