James M Findlay

Location Sound Recordist & Music Composer

Meet James, Bulldog’s Sound Designer, Music Composer, and Location Sound Recordist.Originally from Banff Alberta, James’ realization for his passion wasn’t instant but rather slow and gradual. He had always been interested in the pairing of sound and music. Since childhood, he would record himself playing guitar and then sing overtop of it. After attending York University and Humber College for Music Performance & Composition, James ventured into Recording & Mixing for Studio and Live Performances. These experiences sparked a thirst for knowledge and led him to attend The Harris Institute for Audio and Post Production. Through a number of years experience and a multitude of Projects, James has made himself into a go-to collaborator for all things related to sound. His credits include work in television, short & feature films, art installations, PSA’s, podcasts and advertising for brands such as Playstation, Uber, Canon, 3M, Indigo, TD and Toyota. 

You’ll typically find James working out of his post production sound studio or out in the field attached to his boom. James is a warm hearted SCI-FI & anime nerd who can sew practically anything. A random skill that definitely comes in handy on set! His spirit animal is a sugar glider, which makes a lot of sense because sugar gliders are nocturnal and love their sleep – so does James “You’ll go crazy without it”.