Georges Sarkis

Animator & Graphic Designer

Meet Georges, he’s Bulldog’s Animator & Graphic Design Artist. Georges has always been interested in art and design. He studied art at university and jumped right into the workforce where he’s been able to display his creativity on multiple platforms! ⠀

Art and design has always been a huge part of Georges life! He studied art at the Université de Moncton in New-Brunswick but he didn’t stop there, he also took the Graphic Design program at George Brown College to expand his skill set! Since then, there’s been no stopping his creativity. He’s done it all – window displays, interior decorating, jewelry design, art direction, graphic design, sewing, macrame, woodworking, animation AND product development!

We’re SO lucky to have this talented artist on our team! He always brings a fresh perspective to each project. When he’s not sewing, or wood working you’ll find him swinging in a hammock in the shade. He will likely have a delicious prepared meal and a little handmade bag full of anything you could ever need for the perfect picnic.