Chris Vassálos


Meet Chris, He’s Bulldog’s Photographer and has been a part of Bulldog’s branding since it’s inception ten years ago. After purchasing his first 35mm Pentax and using light to capture his first human portrait, he fell in love with the ability to communicate his interpretation of reality. He’s conceptually trained in the fine arts and graduated with a BFA from Ryerson University which strengthened his natural ability to create and communicate people’s stories through photography. 

Chris’ style stems from his editorial experience in the fashion and hair world, and from having a natural eye for beauty and unique moments. This is evident in his winning photography for Canada’s Revlon Style Master 2 years in a row! His passion for portraiture has given him a unique ability to find the most innate and special qualities in all of his models! Chris is also a polyglot in the making! He is constantly switching from one language to another which has served him well while travelling abroad photographing destination weddings. Things you may not know about Chris is that he’s a closeted dancer/choreographer and a budding percussionist. On set you’ll find him capturing an authentic moment, or having a philosophical conversation with a cast or are member. Chris’ spirit animal is an owl, he’s wise and always listens to his gut instinct when mastering his next project.