Anthony Filangeri

Writer & Copywriter

Meet Anthony, Bulldog’s Writer & Copywriter. The TV show FAK YAASS is what brought Anthony together with Bulldog Productions and where he obtained his first major screenwriter credit for the dramedy series! He’s a contributor to websites such as Readers Digest, The sportster and has also placed high in acclaimed screenplay competitions such as Fresh Voices and Screencraft! 

With much more on the horizon, this guy’s career is just getting started! Anthony is originally from the small town of Tecumseh just outside Windsor where he first realized his passion when he was just 8! He became obsessed with horror movies and began writing his own scary stories. He’s a huge movie buff and loves anything Buffy, Chucky, or Scream related. He’s dedicated to developing his craft and putting most of his efforts towards screenwriting. Although he has also assisted in writing pitch packages and scripts for commercial campaigns. On set Anthony is calm and collected. You’ll find him with a script in hand ensuring the magic is never lost when the script goes to screen. Want to know three things that will guarantee a smile from this one? Just bring up: wrestling, cats or Torri Wilson.