About us


         Since it’s inception ten years ago, Bulldog Productions has grown and changed dramatically! Today, it’s comprised of a group of passionate, professional artists that are committed to creating greatness together while inspiring each other to raise the bar again and again!


Bulldog Productions operates as a Creative Agency and a Production Company comprised of ten talented individuals, whose years of experience makes them industry leaders. After collaborating on numerous projects together we discovered a shared passion and set of values that just felt right. We’re constantly thinking outside the box and challenging each other to be the best creative versions of ourselves while bringing our own unique set of skills to each project.


Who Our Clients Are


           We are a full service Production Company and Creative Agency that love to get our hands dirty on every level of the production process. From pre-production development to filming on set, from editing to final colour correction and sound mastering, we are devoted and passionate to ensuring that you love the finished product we created with you! Going into its tenth year Bulldog Productions has gone onto create commercial campaigns for companies such as: NIKE, TD, SAMSUNG Mobile, Covergirl Cosmetics, F45, IN Magazine, IKEA, KOBO, FLARE Magazine, Scotiabank, HELLO Canada Magazine, and MUCH Music. Our work has brought us around the globe to places like NYC, LA, Australia, Bali, Croatia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Bulldog Productions doesn’t shy away from getting behind a cause; we have worked for organizations like The Movember Foundation, Rainbow Railroad, Egale Canada, Pride Toronto, World Pride, and the Aids Committee of Toronto. We have enjoyed being the voice for causes, messaging advocacy, and being involved with philanthropic efforts. For the past two years we have developed and delivered our first scripted TV series, which was picked up by the Canadian broadcast network OUTtv. FAK YAASS tells the true story of Nico Nicolakis’ big Greek family and their journey of accepting Nico, no matter his sexuality.

How We Work


        We have a unique way of doing things at Bulldog Productions. Although each of us have our own set of skills, many of these skills overlap from one aspect of production to another. Having an eye for detail and creating a cohesive vision is so important in our industry. We have successfully completed numerous projects together and through that process have gained valuable experience about what works and what doesn’t. Our team is in constant communication with one another to ensure that no magic is lost as a project travels through the various stages of production. We push each other and provide constructive criticism throughout the life of a project, this ensures that that the finished piece is the best it can possibly be. Our shared passion of story telling, and the creative process is what has built and established the core team you see in front of you today!



Making Moments Magic