As a creative agency and production company, we are a hybrid for everything media! With projects that vary from scripted TV to commercial campaigns, we are constantly evolving in the world of video, print, social media & strategy. We are a tight knit group of creatives who excel at collaboration. No one knows your business better than you, and we want to work with you to learn how your business operates to help it grow. In an ever changing landscape for entertainment and advertising we want to have your message seen by the right people while setting you apart from others in your field.


Taking care of all of our creative and production in house is what sets us apart from other production companies AND keeps your costs lower. We take care of every aspect of production – from concept development, filming, photography, visual effects, pro-audio, editing, and music production. We also develop campaign strategies across multiple platforms with one cohesive voice and message and we are always one step ahead in exporting files that are easy to integrate into the devices of today’s world.


The Bulldog team is an upbeat positive bunch always hungry to get down and creative. We have helped build and shape the future of many great businesses and are always working at building great working relationships allowing us to both grow and build upon the momentum of previous campaigns. We want our clients to succeed and get passionately involved in the process. If you work with Bulldog Productions, know that you’ll always be in good hands!

As a collective we develop innovative ideas and strategies
4k Video
All Bulldog Productions are finished in 4K
Bulldog Productions offers professional photography and photo editing services
Bulldog Productions manages all post production timelines and deliverables
Our Campaigns
CAMERON WILLIAMSON – Editor-in-Chief, FLARE Magazine

Whether it was filming a behind-the-scenes video featuring one of our celebrity cover subjects or coming up with a concept for a series of shopping videos, Matt and the team at Bulldog Productions was always on point and an absolute joy to have on set!

MILLICENT POON – Director Strategy Development & Communications, Scotiabank

I really appreciated Bulldog Productions ability to conceptualize a meaningful end-product from our initial discussion, lead us down the path to get the right scenes, and turn out a wonderfully edited, hilarious hit in the end. They are both creative (brings great ideas) and collaborative (open to our edits and suggestions).

LES TOMLIN – Executive Producer, Peace Point Entertianment Group

Matt is a highly creative media entrepeneur with a fantastic eye for all things video! I’d highly recommend Bulldog Productions for all your video and television needs!

LINDSAY TAYLOR – Events and Marketing Dept, Osler Law Firm

Matthew was genuinely a pleasure to work with. Him and the rest of the Bulldog Productions team we’re always positive and receptive to our long list of suggestions and edits. In the end, they produced a final product we were proud to have represent our brand.

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